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Nicolás Obregón is both a Madrileño and a Londoner, having lived between the two cities and cultures from a young age. He has worked as a deputy editor for a publishing house in Central London and as a writer for Which? Travel Magazine.

His first novel, Blue Light Yokohama, will be published in 2017.

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Nicolás Obregón is a Londoner, a Madrileño, and a full-time writer. He has worked as a security steward, a travel writer, an overnight guardian, an ice rink attendant, a bookseller, a post boy, an editor in legal publishing, and an odd-jobs man for a failed mineral water company. (Not in that order).

His first novel, Blue Light Yokohama, was published in 2017 across the world. It was conceived while travelling on a bullet train from Hiroshima to Kyoto.

Influences include Eduardo Sacheri; Manuel Rivas; Martin Cruz Smith; Natsuo Kirino; Ryu Murakami; David Mitchell; Yuri Herrera; Raymond Chandler; Joan Aiken; Richard Matheson; Anaïs Nin; Gabriel García Márquez; Thomas Harris; Carson McCullers; Donna Tartt; Melvin Burgess; Truman Capote; Richard Laymon; JT LeRoy / Laura Albert; John Hersey; Philip K. Dick; and Seichō Matsumoto.

Beyond books, he's into movies, buildings, travel, and urbex. Music he likes includes Motown, O.V. Wright, The Smiths, Arthur Russell, Van Morrison, Prince, and Nina Simone. Lately, he's been listening to León Larregui, Lee Fields & The Expressionsand Colter Wall.

The sequel to Blue Light Yokohama, Sins As Scarlet, was released in 2018. The third instalment in the Inspector Iwata series, Unknown Male, will hit shelves late 2019.

Obregón is currently sailing the seas of inspiration for a new stand-alone novel.

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