Nicolás Obregón


Nicolás Obregón is both a Madrileño and a Londoner, having lived between the two cities and cultures from a young age. He has worked as a deputy editor for a publishing house in Central London and as a writer for Which? Travel Magazine.

His first novel, Blue Light Yokohama, will be published in 2017.


Los Angeles.

A transgender woman, Meredith Nichol, is found dead on the train tracks behind Skid Row. No clues have been left behind and the police have little to go on beyond prejudice and speculation. She's quickly figured for just another lost soul.

Meanwhile, across the city... 

After running from the events in Tokyo which almost killed him, Inspector Kosuke Iwata has started a new life. Now working as a private eye, Iwata Investigations LLC is doing good business. His days are spent searching for missing persons and spying on unfaithful spouses, his nights with an unavailable woman. It’s no bed of roses but Iwata's nightmares are behind him.

Or so he thinks.

Iwata's uneasy peace is shattered when an old ghost comes calling, demanding that he find Meredith's killer. Compelled to atone for past transgressions and fearing another body, he reluctantly accepts the case. But what begins as a seemingly elementary crime, soon drags Iwata into an odyssey of murder, missing souls, and a deadly hunt for a cold-blooded opponent that will stop at nothing.

Lives untangle, fates converge and blood is spilled bright scarlet as Inspector Iwata discovers a river of sin flowing through LA’s underbelly, Mexico’s borderlands, and deep within his own past in Tokyo.



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